A key element of this work is the linkage and harmony of each

  individual part.
  The work is made up of strips of hand colored paper arranged in a collage.

  Every individual shape that forms the image is flexible and rich with variety,

  and it has recognizable forms that, while based on everyday animals and

  plants, are unique and extremely solid.

  While I was born and raised in an urban area, I spent a number of years

  living in a mountain village in the countryside during the mid 1990s.

  My experience directly observing the diversity of the wild animals and

  plants and fascinating ecosystem inspired the atypical animal and plant

  forms that appear in my work.
   The primary theme in my work's creation is a new symbiotic space

  established in the search for new spaces where diversity and individuality

  can coexist.

  It could also be called an experiment to visually connect something typically

  separated, such as different ethnicities or cultures.
  It symbolizes a world view established on adding order to individual parts is

  structurally the same as actual human society.
  Moreover, it could also be said that the piece is a visual simulation of a new

  symbiotic space for its viewers and for me, its creator.