I create digital collages based on the concept of "harmony arising from the aggregation of diverse individuals and unity in dissonance".
The pieces are made using randomly created materials such as drawings, and combining them with different materials, connecting them visually into a single form.
Every character is based on a familiar plant or animal, while at the same time is flexible, rich in variety,

and highly rigid.
Unlike the traditional spiritual and occult images of Asia or the anti-naturalist expressions of the West,

the atypical forms I use have been influenced by the Choju Jinbutsu Giga ( Animal-person Caricatures

of East Asia in the mid-12c ), which were drawn in between the twelfth and thirteenth centuries in

Japan, and the eighteenth century artist Jakuchu ITO ( Japanese painter of the mid-Edo period, 18c ),

especially their comical expressions, and flat, precise depictions, with the addition of slightly over

exaggerated facial expressions and movements, which give the characters presence and compatibility

with their surroundings.
Each form that I create are made up of a collection of many different pieces that carry unique

information, and once they connect like parts to the whole, analogous to continuous synapses, they construct a unique and dynamic space where harmony and chaos co-exist on the whole screen as the

result of a meta-digital collage.
This screen composition hints at the globalization and integration of all aspects of our society in this

digitally connected world. Moreover, it could also be said that the piece is a visual simulation of a new

symbiotic space.
I hope the viewer will project themselves onto this virtual image and imagine the shapes of their future

through their interaction with it based on their own individual perceptions.














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